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Thursday, April 28, 2011

FINISHED her dress, blommers and bonnet.

I finally got her dressed.Why is it the dolls always take the back seat to other things in my life?

Maleah Jokella ,(means pretty jewel) is her name.
Her shawl is a vintage collar.Her bonnet and bloomers are homespun fabric.Her dress is reproduction civil war fabric.She is about 20 inches tall and oil painted. She is made from my own pattern.She is for sale.$500.00 plus shipping.

I knew if I did not get her done soon it would be summer before I got back to her.

 The gardens call, to me, when spring comes along. The problem is spring is here for one day then is gone again and it is back to cold weather. Gave me a day to sew.

We have a frost warning again tonight. I had hoped the tulips would not get frozen off this year. I will cover them tonight the buds are just ready to burst open.
I will try to do better with posting.
Any one working on a classic cloth doll?
hope you all have a safe storm free weekend.j

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