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Thursday, May 1, 2014

How I oil painted this cloth doll

I use vintage feed sacks to make the dolls. They are sewn and stuffed. I use paper clay to hide the center seam in the face.Ears sewn and glued on.Paper clay added to hide seams. Gessoed then the first flesh color is applied. I prefer to let that first coat dry. Using colored pencil to outline face.Using burnt sienna to paint outline. Adding color to all areas.A little paint goes a long way.I had a very good painter tell me to remember light to dark and dark to light. It is how I do my painting. A little dot of paint placed say by the nose. can be moved with a shade brush to give the shading you want to achieve. Soften the outlines by moving the paint with your shade brush. Hope this helps give ideas where to start when painting a cloth doll.I am no expert but I have found what works for me.j


 To get the flesh color I mix titanium white and burnt sienna. I mix to get 3 shades of the flesh color. Darker, medium dark and light. Mix the dark then add more white to get the other shades.

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