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Monday, March 21, 2011


Monica Johansson sent a comment to the last post.
Hi Monica,
All I can say about painting is just practice. If you can take classes do so. It is what got me started.
Really look at what you are painting. Don't be afraid to experiment.
I found that a tiny dot of paint can be moved  with a shader brush to give detail.
Look at the nose. There is more to the nostril than a line.
There is a hole that needs defining with a darker color. The shape is like a comma. The  nose has 2 defining lines on the outside but also on the top there are soft lines defining shape and detail..
For me I could see the detail but did not know how to achieve it. Messing with the paints and practice helped.
I still have a long way to go but I keep trying.

With oil painted dolls I never know when they are done. I have repainted many dolls.

I finally got arms and legs on the last doll of color I painted. She is darker than the others I have done. Not sure I like her. May have to redo a bit. You never know. The progress on this doll has been very slow.Any one working on dolls?
Share pictures if you can.Have a good week. j


  1. Thank you so much for your sharing of painting tips, it's really valuable to me. I agree that I to can se those lines, I'm quite good att scetching (sorry about spelling), but never 'dared' to try to paint faces before. How stupid, it's like you say, trial and error. I paint a lot now and really enjoy it.
    For your doll, I think she looks beautiful in her color. Thats another issue, flesh color, not easy! But I think you've really managed to get a lovely skin tone, with that soft pink shades in it.
    Kind regards from Monica

  2. Because I have no art background I had no experience with oil paints and how to mix color.
    I had 4 classes with Susan Fosnot.That is where I learned to mix basic colors. It *is* trial and error. Flesh color for Caucasians for me is easy. Burnt sienna and white. easy on the burnt sienna a little goes a long way.
    The black dolls are a little harder to get--- mixing ultramarine blue with burnt sienna yellow ochre and titanium white.Heavy on the blue and burnt siennia . Until I took her class I had no idea that blue and senna would make brown.I have never done a search on line to see if I could find a place that shows how to mix color.I will do that when I have more time.j