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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new oil painted doll

It has been a very long time between dolls. This one has been sewn together for a while.
I mixed paint to paint the arms on the last black doll I made and decided as long as I had the paint palette there I might as  well paint another doll.
The first step is to draw on the face.I use water color pencils to put on her face .

I will give the head a wash of burnt umber. After it is dry I can get down to the fun of putting on her face.After the wash I will use a tiny brush and paint the features again with brown acrylic paint.

The paint palette is a lot of ultra marine blue and burnt sienna. I have never had any training with mixing paints so it is a guess thing for me.I did get the colors to use from the class I took with Susan Fosnot.
This mix gives beautiful browns. I never would have thought mixing the 2 would give brown. Shows how little I know.A bit of yellow orche and a bit of white give different shades of brown.j

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