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Thursday, January 20, 2011

First steps to painting this doll

This is the first 2 steps to painting the doll.
To prepare the dolls head for painting i used paper clay to fill in the seams.Sanded them smooth.Added the cloth ears and used paper clay to smooth out the seam.
I usually use the top of a man's tube sock or cut the sleeve of a sweater and slip it onto the doll body to keep paint off the body.Of course,today, I forgot.
 The  first picture a wash of solvent and burnt umber. Nothing exact with that.
 I use masking tape to define the neck from the body. Painting far enough down to allow a lower dress neckline.
The doll color is painted on ----dark to light.
The darkest of the 4 brown color I applied today. I will do shading tomorrow.
I worked a bit on the eyes.A basic outline.
This part of the painting is always interesting for me.I really never know how it is going to look until I start applying the paint and blending and shading.It is fun.j

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