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Friday, July 1, 2016

Mia again

I really need to make this blog more active.
I am back to doll making after a long absence. I am working with a 13 year old girl on her 4H project. Fun. Using Cindi Ciampi's pattern from the soft dolls and animals magazine summer 1999. I had to make up a doll so I would know how to teach Justine.

We have 10 days and about 23 hours in this project so far. She has done really well. I have the faces partially on mine, she will do hers on Sat the 2nd. I'll share the finished pictures when she is done. judy j

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  1. Oh judy I am so happy to see you are back making your gorgeous dolls. I like you took a break, Now am back in the ole doll saddle again.It feels good.Justine's doll above is amazing.She is doing a fantastic job.I know you must be very proud! Again Welcome back my friend!!