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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doll making

I started using patterns when first making dolls back in the 1980's
I seem to change every pattern I bought just a little.At the time crafting was in full swing.
I then began to make my own patterns.Doll and craft.

Everyone is influenced by the patterns they have used. I like a nice round head on my cloth dolls. One with a chin and they always ears and eyebrows.

This Pityful Peggy Rose.Her hair is jute and has lost its curl but I love her still.

I have the first of most of the dolls I made back then.

The first doll with a round head was one I did using the orange peel style. I have also used that pattern to make apples and pumpkins so it is very basic. These 3 are from the basic pattern with added darts and ears.They all have wooden noses.

Through the years I have developed what I call my MJ pattern. It started as a round head that I added darts and reshaped many times. It is now the pattern I use for all my oil painted dolls.Time to get busy and off this pc. j

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